Should I get tested for STIs?
The Centers for Disease Control recommend STI/STD testing any time you have had new or multiple sex partners. There are four types of sex that can put you at risk for contracting an STI: mutual masturbation, oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. Many infections may not cause symptoms, but can still be passed between partners.  Remember that while condoms may reduce the risk of getting pregnant or contracting some STI/STDs, even if used consistently and correctly each and every time, they cannot provide 100% protection.

How long will my appointment take?
Most STI appointments take an hour.

How do you test for STIs?
Our medical professionals will help you assess which infections you are at the greatest risk for and which tests are recommended.

  • Gonorrhea – urine sample
  • Chlamydia – urine sample
  • Syphilis – blood work
  • HIV – blood work

How do I prepare for my visit?

  • Call or click “Make an Appointment”
  • Bring a photo ID with you
  • Do not urinate within one hour of our visit to assure the most accurate test result.

What’s the difference between STI and an STD?
Medically, infections are called diseases when they begin to cause symptoms, which is why many people use both STI and STD when discussing sexual health. However, it is common for people to use the term STD when there are no signs of the infection.

If I’m under 18, do I need my parents’ permission for testing?
Because STI and pregnancy testing can often lead to a wide range of follow-up discussions, we encourage all of our clients to talk to a family member or friend that they trust. If you choose you may bring them to the appointment. However, Arkansas law does not require parental permission and we will be able to do all testing necessary without their consent. We pride ourselves on making your health and confidentiality our top concern.

Aren’t I tested for STIs during my yearly check-up?
While the services performed in a yearly check-up varies by physician, most physicians will not screen for STIs unless requested to do so. Please ask your physician for more information about what testing they routinely offer during your appointment. Also remember that the Centers for Disease Control recommend screening any time you have had new or multiple sexual partners.

How will I receive my test results?
STI results will take 7-10 days to receive, so we will schedule a follow-up appointment for you at the time of your testing.


We provide testing for the most common STDs:

Chlamydia Testing

The Chlamydia test is a urine test that is both highly sensitive and highly specific. The test detects the presence of the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. It is advisable that you do not urinate one hour before visiting our STD testing facility.

Gonorrhea Testing

The Gonorrhea test is a urine test that detects the presence of the DNA of the Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria. The advantage of this test is that it is highly specific and sensitive and it involves no undressing or swabbing.

HIV Testing

The HIV test is a blood test that detects the presence of HIV antibodies and is considered to be the gold standard with a test accuracy of 99.5%

Syphilis Testing

The Syphilis test is a blood test that detects the presence of the antibodies the body generates to fight Syphilis. A positive Syphilis test could indicate either a current or a previous infection.

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Thank you for providing this STD testing service. It was easy and the results were fast.

I felt that this STD testing service was easy, reliable and accurate. Having to go through a STI test is stressful enough. The privacy as well as the speed in which i received my results made it a pleasant experience.

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Everyone I interacted with maintained a very professional demeanor. STI testing was a very scary time in my life. They were helpful courteous and pleasant making a very stressful situation far less so. Thank you!!!

The staff at Mountain Home, Arkansas STD testing services was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. They really made me feel at ease with the STI testing. Overall a very good experience. Thank you so much.

I needed to get tested for STDs, to rule out/in an STD as cause for some symptoms I was having. Thankfully, I found Mountain Home, Arkansas STD testing services. The visit to the lab was painless, with little waiting time. People in the lab were very professional and friendly. I'm very satisfied with the entire process!

I tried to make an appointment at a health clinic. The first available appointment was 10 days out. I found Mountain Home STD testing service online, and I was extremely satisfied from start to finish.

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There was always someone available to speak with me and each person was very nice. I didn't have to wait long to speak with someone and when I voiced a concern the staff were quick to address it. I really appreciate their STD testing service.

You guy's were very kind and helpful! Made me feel better about the situation I was in and made me feel taken care of and safe. That's exactly how STI testing needs to be done and your organization is great.

Overall I was very satisfied with your STD testing service. I was also pleased with the professionalism and helpfulness over the phone. I would recommend this STI testing service to a friend.

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